Locally Farmed Haskap Berries

Growing newer varieties of haskap berries in Chetwynd, BC for local and commercial markets.

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What are haskap berries?

A dark blue berry that grows on mid-size bushes and thrives in the cooler temperatures of northern Canada. Varieties developed by the University of Saskatchewan have dramatically improved taste and size. Member of the latin Lonicera Cerulea family, which also include the native blue honeysuckle growing in the boreal forest region.

What is the flavour of haskaps?

Haskaps have a thin skin with tiny unnoticable seeds. Our varieties of Aurora, Indigos and Boreals have a tangy sweet, complex flavour, often likened to mixed berries. They make many great products such as juice, jam, spreads, tarts, chutneys, relishes, ice cream, yoghurt, dried berries, and powdered berry mixes.

What are the benefits?

Haskap has long been known by the ancient Japanese as, “The Fruit of Life Longevity and Fruit of Vision”. It holds very high levels of antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, fibre, calcium and potassium. It’s dark rich colour speaks to the high antioxidants and the nutrients it adds to many favourite dishes.

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There has never been a better time to eat local. Local food means supporting the people around you. We’re in a fantastic time for local food.

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Our News & Favourite Recipes

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  • U-Pick This Summer
    Our plants are enjoying this fine spring weather and we’re expecting berries to share this summer! Look for details about our u-pick closer to July.
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